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General Rules

Our rules are to be taken as a code of conduct, but it is every GM's responsability to make sure that their colleagues respect them. WebSim Hockey, in almost every case, will not take position in a league conflict but will rather help resolving it by giving tips on how to reach an agreement and an acceptable resolution of the problem.
  • Rules are mandatory for all GMs
  • Ignoring a rule is not an excuse
  • Game administrators have the absolute right to determine whether a GM has respected the rules or not
  • The method and effectiveness of a penalty for failing to comply with the rules is at the discretion of the game administrators
  • GMs that do not respect one of the rules may be excluded from their league through an ejection vote
  • The most severe penalty is to ban a GM's account and deny access to the site by blocking his IP address
  • Any specific situation that is not included in the basic rules will be handled on a case-by-case basis
  • Where there is ambiguity or a difference in rule interpretation, the game administrators reserve the right to make a final decision

It is not allowed:

  • to own two teams in the same league
  • to connect or attempt to connect to the account of another GM with malicious intentions
  • to trade players to another team with intent of giving that team a clear advantage
  • to cheat in any way
  • to deliberately spoil the game experience of other GMs
  • to obtain advantages in the game in exchange for money (virtual or real)
  • to influence the outcome of a game in favour of your opponent
  • to abuse ambiguous game rules
  • to try to obtain information or data that is not already explicitly stated on the website
  • to try to steal or sabotage the property of WebSim Sports INC (WebSim Hockey), or to encourage someone else to do so
  • to advertise simulated hockey leagues that are not hosted by WebSim Hockey, either through the message system or the site forums
  • to pollute the discussion forums or chat by sending several identical messages or by any other means
  • to send unwanted emails to other GMs
  • to send messages that are insulting, threatening, defamatory, or degrading in the discussion forums, internal messaging, or chat
  • to try to gain visibility on a forum topic by using uppercase letters
  • to use another language than the one designated for your league in the discussion forums and messaging
  • to use a vulgar user name, team name, newspaper, or journalist name
  • to use images or text when creating a news article that would be offensive to other users
  • to hide any link between two or more GMs in the same league in order to take advantage of this situation
  • to try losing games voluntarily by not playing your best players for the purpose of lowering your position in the standings
  • to abuse the Commissioner tools to promote your own team or another GM's team

  • Be nice
  • Be polite
  • Be constructive
  • Be humble
  • Share knowledge
  • Ignore destructive behaviour
  • Ignore provocative behaviour
  • Focus on the positive parts of the game
  • Focus on sharing with positive/constructive GMs
Any destructive/provocative behaviour stops if it is ignored....
And ignoring someone is easy when sharing with someone else who is constructive.


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