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Player attributes evolution options

In WebSim Hockey, players have attributes that indicate their value as a player. These attributes are generated using statistics from the last two real-life seasons.

Attributes are not static; they evolve throughout the seasons.

There are two player attribute evolution types:

Virtual evolution

  • Player attributes are re-evaluated twice a year: once at mid-season and once at the end of the season.

  • The simulator calculates player evolution using different criterias, depending on the attribute. For all information on virtual evolution formulas, visit section 11 of the Game Guide.

  • Player evolution does not take performance (real or virtual) into account.

  • This mode allows you to have better control over your team as it's possible to determine in advance how good your player will become. The "Potential" attribute represents players' value at age 30.

Real evolution

  • Player attributes are re-evaluated once at the end of the season.

  • Player attribute evolution is only based on their real performances.

  • At the end of a WebSim Hockey season, the attributes are updated using the statistics from the last two seasons (the percentage varies depending on the league option).

  • Any league using this mode will need to wait until the end of the current season before being able to continue with their next season.

For additional information,contact us using our GM Support service.


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